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Contract Project HRIS/HCM Functional Analysis


One of the projects I‘ve supported was switching Lawson HR/Payroll to MS Dynamics AX2012 R3, the organization downsized to 100 headcounts; they implemented the new system for their needs. I helped them to migrate old data from Lawson to the new system by their requirement. Most HR data included the personnel, benefit, employee payroll, and compensation data, and also used the Lawson diagram to refer and draw the new business process and flowchart to map out the new guideline to support the implementation process. I also helped the team to manage the project including the testing plan, training schedule, and writing the training document. I also wrote a payroll processing manual for the incumbent and future employees!









The Job and Position to which the worker will be assigned:

The Position to which the employee is assigned holds a key component of the payroll, which is the Earning code, worker’s work schedule, pay cycle, the entity which pays, etc. The screenshot below shows a position which the “Dynamics AX Solutions Architect”. This position is ultimately linked to a Job which holds the data such as the grade and ranges for classifying the compensation range for this position.

PeopleSoft HCM Q& A

Q: When you create the new position, how do you set up the effective date?

A: The effective date will default today’s date, but you can change if needed.


Q: How to transfer an employee to a new position?

A:  Specify a reason for the transfer, then, change the employee’s position number, also you need to calculate the employee’s compensation.


Q: Increase the pay rate, what are to make it change?

A: Compensation calculation is based on the rate code, so you need to use the compensation rate codes to modify the rate.


Q: When you rehire the employee, what action you need to take it?

A: You need to go Job Data to search employee ID, select Rehire from the Action, and make the change Job statues is terminated with pay, retired, or retired with pay. Then, Enter Rehire process on each area include effective date, action, reason, job indictor, job code, compensation.


Q: When you assigning garnishments to employees, what is important for the specific data?

A: Update the status throughout the life of the garnishment as it changes. Only record with a status of Received or Approved are process and prorated, but never reuse the same garnishment ID for an employee, because the system calculates garnishment balances across calendar year balance year for a combination of employee ID and garnishment ID.


Q: How to process a check reversal and reissues?

A: Go to payroll process USA, and then select Reverse/Adjust Paychecks to add a new value. Remember, when a paycheck is reversed using this process, all aspects of that paycheck are reversed including Time and Labor data used to generate the paycheck.

Query Tool:

Using Expressions:

  • Reporting tools > Query> Query Manager

  • Create New Query > Go Description to select the Table, then Add Record, Check All

  • Click “ Last” on the Business Unit that row, then Go Define Constant to type “ content” in the session of Constant, OK

  • Then, go Account ‘s Constant to choose 1. SetID 2. Account, then Pick account you want, OK

  • Run

  • Go to Expressions, click Add Expression, Change the character “ Length”, then Click “ Field “ Select “ Business Unit”, then write in Expression  Text , Add Field, Select Ledger, click OK, Click “ User as Field “

  • Click Record and Sort to Change Order

  • Change the Heading – Field , Edit, Text –Heading Text, Save , and Run


Using Scheduling

The steps will be the same

  • Click Query , Run..

For Example : The message shows “ Query Report set too Large……modify your query”

Go to  Save as:  Enter a name to save this query as:  create name and save

  • Go to Query Manager to search the name you create

  • Click on Schedule , make copy of Query Name to Run Control ID, Click Add

  • Copy name on the Description and Click Apply

  • Then, you can see the Process List, and select Format , and you can select “ Recurrence “ as Daily or..any, and Time Zone, then, Click “ Distribution” and fill in the description , then click OK, then you can see the Schedule now

  • Click “ Schedule”, Click Process Monitor, then you can see the Schedule has been done

Using Join:

The same steps to the click Record, and Check the Business Unit, Account , Fiscal-Year, Posted –Total –AMT

  • Click Business Unit –Last  to Edit Criteria Properties, define constant, Ok

  • Fiscal Year –Last to Edit Criteria Prosperities, define constant OK

  • Fields to Click Edit on the row of Posted –Total_Amt  (Want to know total Amount)

  • Select “Sum”- OK

  • Sum is under Agg (Make Sure), then Run

Want to join another type of account

Go to Records

  •  Go description to search the account Table

  • Click Join Record

  • Select one you want to join

  • Auto Join Criteria, select one of requirement you want to join, then click Add Criteria

  • Choose Account type field , then click Fields

  • You can click Order /Sort if you want to reorder the fields

  • Click Edit to change the heading, OK…Run

Add Prompt

All the steps are the same

Create Prompt for business Unit

  • Edit Criteria Properties, select Prompt, click on new Prompt, it will open the new prompt

You can see the field name “Business Unit”, click OK, Ok

  • Click Prompts, you will see 1+ business unit “ on prompt list, Run

  • You will see the Unit (             ), you can select the prompts field , OK

  • You can create another Prompts,  go prompts, click Add Prompt, click on “Field Name”

  • Type account, click Search, select “ Account”, Go Edit Type- Click Prompt Table (if this what you want), select “Prompt Table” to enter the account table you want to search

  • Then, click the select a Prompt Table , click Ok

  • You will see two selections on the Prompts List

  • Then, you can Add another new Prompt, then go to Criteria, and click it

  • It will show three prompts on the Criteria list  Run

  • It will show three prompts , you can “change” the name

  • Go Prompts, click the prompt you want to change –Edit.

  • Go to heading Text, you can change as “Business Unit”, Ok, Run

Domain focus on Core HR, Base Benefits, Self-Services, Manager-Services, TAM, Payroll and more !

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