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Remote Work


     We live in a new economic era now; the coronavirus pandemic changes our lifestyle, workplace, and working style. Also, in today’s world, the evolution of technology makes telecommuting or work remotely easier than before, this allows remote workers to work anywhere in the world, and employers have an option to hire the right amount of talent from everywhere.

     Additionally, outsourcing work to remote contractors or freelancers has a benefit to reduce their labor costs, such as pension, retirement, medical care, and taxes. According to the intuit 2020 report, more than 40 percent of the U.S workforce will be a part of the gig economy, we will adapt to the new market and the new life after the recession, the remote workers will continue growing!

PeopleSoft HCM Benefit ​

  1. Set up supporting tables and benefit plans, (i.e  bases on business needs we can set up benefit providers, coverage codes, and coverage group codes.)

  2. Build benefit programs

  3. Assign employees to benefit programs and enroll them in plans for which their program enrollment

  4. Calculate rate and benefit deductions

Base Benefits Structure

  • Benefit program > Benefit plan type > Benefit plan > core benefit tables

Set up Care tables first.

Core tables:

Benefits providers, Dependents, Coverage Codes, Coverage Group Codes, Benefit Rate

FEGLI codes, benefit certifications, leave vacation/buy-sell earnings

(Federal employee group life insurance codes)

Calculation rules, deduction codes


Types of Benefit Plans:

  • Health plans

  • Life insurance Plans

  • Savings Plan

  • Leave Plans

  • Retirement Plans

  • Pension Plans

  • FMLA Plans (family medical leave Act Plan)

  • Disability plan

  • FSA Plan (Flexible Spending Accounts)

  • Vacation buy/Sell plan

Outsourcing and remote work are likely to become more common after the COVID-19 pandemic. Organizations expect to partner with a third party or hire a remote worker who has multitask skills, who can help the company work better and increase productivity. Also, the digital transformation with the future expansion is in social media and increases in the pace of adoption of virtual activity, meeting, online communication, and so many new working styles. This trend will undoubtedly create a new laboring life and productivity undoubtedly. We all learn how to adapt to the world after the COVID-19 pandemic; we can conquer all the difficulties and live better; it is good to reduce the cost and keep the financial stability. Outsourcing your project lets me help you save the budget and have the best productive partnership!

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