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In my earlier HR  management job started in the banking, high-tech industries. The role was not simple; I was wearing many hats to support massive foreign currency investment and implanted reengineering and restructured projects to the innovation. As an HR admin, it usually focused on keeping the office running as efficiently as possible. It was not just a person who worked in the office; It was the one who had to connect with every department and everyone. My goals were to be a superior HR management to use my skills and degrees to help everyone to improve productivity. Without communication skills and people management skills, I couldn't be an effective professional to build a team together. Sometimes, I have to be an innovative thinker who has a better solution to solve the problems; because of so many uncontrolled situations. Instead, you need to play the role of a sailor who knows where the right direction to go. The team I have supported included Financial, Operation, Engineering, R&D, Marketing, CEOs, VPs, HR, and so many. To summarize, I see each work has taught me how to work smart and work right!


In 2014 I started working as an HR consulting for small businesses in the Portland area; I helped the clients write an employee handbook, meeting agendas, staff management training, recruitment, and consulting in many  areas when they requested. 


How to be an excellent HR  professional?

  • Adept in Technology 

  • Verbal & Written Communication

  • Organization development

  • Confidential 

  • Time Management

  • Strategic Planning

  • Resourcefulness

  • Detail-Oriented

  • Anticipates Needs

  • Customer Service

  • Team Work

  • Innovation Thinking

Project Support:


  • Human Resources 


  • HR Business Analysis 

  • and more, please contact me !

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