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The workplace has changed after COVID Pandemic. Balanced leadership helps your internal team or remote team create the balancing culture, building collaboration, emotion, and confidence through Yin and Yang management to improve their performance.


This course will help you understand how the Yin and Yang system can empower your management skill and process with balance. Which is something many leaders lack when troubles come.


Yin and Yang’s balanced approach allows you to hone your leadership skills to reduce risk, stabilize  management, motivate staff, and improve productivity in many areas.


Course Agenda:


  • What Yin and Yang are?
  • Where do Yin and Yang come from?
  • How Yin and Yang affects our daily Lives?
  • What the Five Elements in Yin and Yang are?
  • How to implement the Five Elements in the management process?
  • Adopting five elements into the organization
  • Five Elements organization system intelligence model
  • How to use the tacit signal concept through Yin Yang to diagnose the imbalance
  • How to adopt the Yin Yang to work for project management and improved performance
  • Understand Yin Yang concept relates to the real management process


In person training $150 per person. (per hour)


Yin and Yang Leadership Management

199,00$ Precio
29,99$Precio de oferta
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